Giving Campaign - Invest in the Eternal

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Giving Campaign - Invest in the Eternal

Posted by: Admin on Tuesday, September 15, 2020 at 9:35AM

As you open your social media accounts today, you see posts or ads related to making or spending money. Are you watching TV? If you are, companies and retailers are advertising their latest discount offer or money-saving product. Ironically, the offer almost always requires us to spend money. Since when did spending money mean I am saving money? Asking for a friend.

The Bible has a great deal to say about money, and more broadly, about generosity. Money’s priority in our lives, as the Bible tells us, is a heart issue. Where and how you spend it reveals what you value most.

If we value things or the love of money, we will never have enough. On the other hand, if we give generously, we will prosper. Generosity connects us to others who are also generous. God created us to be connected to others, and being generous allows us to experience kindness, which attracts others to us. Everyone is drawn to Jesus in you. Kingdom reciprocity pays forward the blessing for others and often find themselves blessed unexpectedly. Have you ever given your time, talent, or treasure to discover you were even more blessed for doing so? I know I have, and I am often surprised how it comes back to me. Jesus tells us it is more blessed to give than receive in Act 20:25 and not store up treasures for ourselves on earth in Matthew 6:21.

Since money is a reflection of your heart before God, we can prayerfully seek Him on how and where to give frees your heart and helps us invest in what matters most. Going back to Matthew 6, we have red-letter words straight from Jesus, who tells us there are temporary and eternal treasures in life.

Interestingly enough, a charitable giving study conducted by U.S. Trust Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy in 2016 reflects these very biblical principles. The study reviews the driving factors for wealthy givers and found the following:

  • 54% believe in the mission of the organization (something larger than themselves)
  • 44% gave because they believe their gift will make an impact (giving to eternal purposes)
  • 39% gave for personal fulfillment (experience generosity)

Let me point out something here. You do not have to wait to be wealthy to give. In fact, comparing donors across the board, the wealthy only makes up 10 % of all donors. Charitable generosity is for everyone. As a development professional, I get very excited about the person who does not have much and gives because I understand God is setting them up for a blessing. I get the privilege of representing The Christian Chain as Director of Donor and Partner Relations on the front line, witnessing blessing after blessing. Will you join us working across denominational barriers, maintaining the Spirit's unity through the bond of peace? Will you invest in what is eternal?